Debug enabled KaiOS 3.x phone by Nokia?

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As some of you might know, the BananaHackers group started with the Bananaphone by Nokia. In the past few years, since the launch of KaiOS in 2017-2018, KaiOS Nokia phones were one of the easiest to root using EDL(or not) and super trivial to make them debug enabled using the famous DEBUG dial code. So they are being a favourite among KaiOS app developers and device modders.

And it has been a few months(at least) since when KaiOS 3.0 has been announced and some users have reported KaiOS 3.1 being in existence. Something which the community yet misses, is a KaiOS phone which is “buyable” and at least debug enabled or even better: Easily moddable by rooting.

There are so many exciting new features in KaiOS 3.x which includes much better performance, support of new Web technologies including WebAssembly, newer WebGL, and a bunch of other stuff which you can see a list of them here

According to Nokiamobs(see also this link), Nokia is probably preparing to launch a KaiOS phone, which must be KaiOS 3.x, with 4G cellular data.

Specifiations of the new phone(s) are yet unknown.

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