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In this post, I write about different reasons people choose KaiOS as their primary mobile operating system over mainstream ones such as Android.

Why did I prefer KaiOS?

When I was beginning to enter university, just like many many other students at the same age as mine, I needed a mobile phone. As a student and a bookworm I needed some small and lightweight device to read books, articles, websites and such of these. On the other hand, I had seen how people waste their time in mainstream social medias such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram.

So I took a different approach: I don't get myself a smart Android phone which I could carry Instagram and such these with myself everywhere and waste my time with it instead of socializing and being with friends and family. Instead, I planned to get an Android tablet with E-ink display with which I can read books, articles, papers, websites and blogs and everything else. Because the screen is E-ink rather than IPS or LED, it is almost like a regular piece of paper and thus it won't hurt my eyes.

But the E-ink Android tablet I wanted to buy didn't have access to Cellular data. Only WiFi and Bluetooth. So I needed something to feed Cellular data to my tablet on the go. I needed a phone capable of basic Telephony and Messaging plus hotspot. At that time I had found KaiOS and the BananaPhone which the name BananaHacker is derived from it.

Back then, I looked in KaiStore and barely 100 apps were available for it. I thought I wouldn't need to do anything with my KaiOS phone because I would also have an Android tablet. So I bought 8110, Nokia's first KaiOS phone.

First reason: You want to use KaiOS because you don't want to be a social media addict

You might have the same reason as me preferring KaiOS to Android. You simply feel you shouldn't waste too much time with social media.

Actually there is a working unofficial Telegram app for KaiOS and there is official WhatsApp. I think the ZAP Reddit client is still out there and I started developing a Matrix client, chooj, for the emerging mobile operating system. But will you be able to chat with people for a few hours with the ABC keyboard? I guess not!

Second reason: You want to modify everything

KaiOS 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 are easily rootable. And the System app which is the main app for KaiOS uses Javascript as well as all other apps, including the stock ones. Javascript is not a compiled language. Rather, it is interpreted language. So the compiled Javascript app is very easily moddable. This means you can easily mod the System, Keyboard and other stock apps. Or, like Luxferre, create your own cool replacement.

KaiOS is really lovely if you love modding your phone. Maybe because you are a Geek and you cannot use your phone the way other ordinary people do.

Third reason: You want to be part of the revolution

KaiOS is a new operating system. It's very buggy, the 2.5.x version is relatively slow. And its stock apps are really terrible usually. But it might have a good future(or not). So perhaps it's a good idea putting sometime codding for it and learning it in the hope that it will have some good future. Of course, because of its clouded uncertain future, it is probably not a good idea putting too much effort on it.

Other reasons

There are many other reasons people prefer a KaiOS phone. These reasons include but are not limited to probably longer battery life, being cheaper and maybe more efficient comparing to Android devices of the same price.

I might have missed something or forgotten or perhaps you want to share you own reasons for preferring KaiOS. Feel free to Email me and I will include your opinion here:

fkz [at] riseup [dot] net