The BananaHackers wiki now works on KaiOS!

TL;DR; Thanks to one of brilliant community members, Cyan, our wiki now renders on KaiOS and is usable there. This is possible by integrating a custom Javascript and the script does not run if the browser is not a KaiOS browser.

Why it was not working on KaiOS browser?

The currently widespread version of KaiOS, version 2.x, is based on an ancient version of Gecko. Gecko is the browser engine used by Firefox and the version KaiOS uses, doesn't support newer technologies and standards.

The wiki software we use, wiki.js, uses the new technologies to render the content. Thus, it doesn't render on KaiOS 2.x which is using an ancient browser engine. However, this is not a problem on KaiOS 3.x which is based on the modern engine. But unfortunately, this new version of KaiOS is not widespread globally, yet. And most users have got devices which run the older version.

What has changed now?

Cyan has written a script which we've integrated with our wiki using the custom HTML feature. This script first checks if the target browser is a KaiOS one. If it isn't, it won't do anything. But if it is KaiOS, it'll try to render the content of the wiki pages so that visitors from KaiOS can see the content.

Does it affect efficiency and performance of the wiki?

Yes. But the affected performance is very trivial. The script is less than 10 KiBs minified. And if the browser is not KaiOS, only a simple check is extra there.

It is not perfect, yet.

Cyan has done great job. I am very grateful. However, it might be that in some cases, like edge cases, the script won't work and render things properly. Feel free to contact Cyan to improve the script. He is available on our community chatrooms accessible from Matrix and Discord.