– an application to aid in hiking

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Hello everyone! Im new here to this blog, and in my first post, we'll talk about an application I have been adapting to my needs and made open source some time ago,

How I started off

I started off forking, I was full of ideas at the moment, unfortunately, some days later I had to go in vacation and left my computer at home, but wait! I built it later at my location so I could continue development! I had made lots and lots of updates, automatically fetch location, weather, accuracy, and wait, I had an idea that was supported by a friend, iGameEveryDay06, I suggested that I should edit the app to fit the style of KaiOS, it seemed pretty easy, but then I realized everything was written in react, which needs to be compiled, minified, it's pretty annoying. One day, when I was hopeless, Cyan linked to me a GitHub Repo containing native code for KaiUI, it looked beautiful, it was still difficult to implement, but then I realized I could easily add the item class to make the items selectable, once I implemented it enough, it seemed like it would be more difficult to revert back to the old modified style.

What i am currently working on

Im currently working on adding .kml file support, fix a SoftKey bug and maybe improve the code as it is currently a mess + all of the random fixes I do which makes it 100% optimizable if some javascript god happens to run across my repo and make a giant pull request :)

Help me

If you want to support us (me and perry share bits of our code so and will be always updated), the Repo is here:

Some screenshots

screen screen screen screen screen 5cb.png)