#chooj #matrixclient #matrix

I would like to go LIVE on BigBlueButton for the development of Chooj, a Matrix chat and call client for KaiOS. But first I would like to know if anyone's interested in attending such a meeting or LIVE and if anyone's interested, when would they attend?

The meeting is going to happen on a BigBlueButton instance so you will need just your modern web browser to attend. Also, it would take less than an hour of time. And I will try to record the meeting and upload it to BananaHacker's PeerTube channel.

So if you are interested, comment on this post with the date and time you will be able to attend.

#chooj #matrixclient #matrix

I have renamed the repository, package and app name to Chooj and from now on this is the name of the project.

I have also added a few numbers of badges to the project's README.

Project's repository

What does Chooj mean?

In my local language, Bandari, which is a version of Persian mixed with Arabic, English and many other languages, Chooj is name of a plant.

What works so far?

Currently, only login process with only password works on a real device. Even through much more works in a recent browser and I'm looking for workarounds to fix this problem.

These stuff has been implemented so far and should work(in browser and not on KaiOS, yet):

  • Login with password
  • Seeing a list of DMs(1 to 1 rooms)
  • Contacting project author(me) via Email in About tab by pressing Call key
  • Seeing a list of messages in each DM. A text-box exists too but does not do anything, yet.